Turning My Collection of Paper-Strip Music Box Melodies into My Muro Box Library! (Netherlands)

Hanneke Debie

Why do I love music boxes?

I’ve been in love with music boxes since I was a kid. My grandfather had one of those large music boxes which was made in Switzerland with a large brass cylinder (something like this video) and I was deeply enchanted by its sound.

Hanneke showing her Muro Box and her first paper strip music box in her life

I Have Loved the Paper- Strip Music Box Since I was 10 Years Old!

When I was around 10 years old I came across a music box that worked with paper strips, and also fell in love with its sound, as it was much richer than the usual small music boxes. I promptly asked for one for my birthday, and got it.

I spent much of my allowance on preprinted music strips, which I still own – along with that music box. The first song I ever had on the paper-strip music box was an arrangement of Guten Abend Gute Nacht, from Brams.

Why do I love the Muro Box?

Many of those songs on paper strips were really well made. Sadly, the name of the manufacturer isn’t present on them, and I have no idea where they came from. It’s those strips that I’m now adding to the Muro Box library.

What I love about the Muro Box app is that I can add the genre of the song, and can search by it. I really miss that feature in the music box maniacs website

I can turn on the playlist and let its sound fill my living room – just like the music box of my grandfather did. Here are the first two videos of Muro Box N20, and more will appear on my channel soon:

You Can Trust Quality of Packaging

I wanted to compliment the Muro Box team on the speedy delivery, and the quality of packaging. Ordering something from the other side of the world always feels like a gamble. I only ordered something through Ali express twice – which set a low bar of expectations to be honest. But the packaging alone just blew me away. It was so beautiful, well crafted and sturdy! Just like the product itself. It exceeded all my expectations! 

The app screenshot of Hanneke's Muro Box playlist
Hanneke Debbie, her muro box and paper-strip music box side-by-side on table

I Looking Forward to the 40-Note Muro Box!

And I’m really REALLY looking forward to the 40-note music box. I know it’s gonna be much more expensive, but I’ve set aside quite a fund to purchase it once it comes out.

I have started working on my first arrangement for the 40-note box already. It’s the dragonsong from the game Final Fantasy XIV, and it’s a really nice evocative song of hope and loss. I hope it’ll work well on the 40-note Muro Box .

Good things take time. I’d rather the Muro Box team takes another year to get everything right, then to get a rush job. I play videogames and work in software development and I’ve seen lots of projects wreck themselves by trying to reach deadlines.

(If you want to follow the latest news of Muro Box N40 product development, you can sign up via this survey.)

When I was around 10 years old I came across a music box that worked with paper strips, and also fell in love with its sound. It's those strips that I'm now adding to the Muro Box library.

Hanneke Debbie